Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I forgot to add in my blog last night that one of my favorite moments yesterday was sitting down at my desk for a few minutes and checking my email surrounded by all the hecticness and getting one from my cousin Ashley saying that her flights are booked and she's coming to visit me for a week in February.

We are still planning, but I think I'm going to meet her at the airport then we will travel to Tikal (some Mayan ruins that are suppose to be amazing) for a day then head to Belize. After a few days we will travel back to Guatemala and I will show her around Pana (where I live) and Camanchaj (where Salud y Paz is) then we will spend the last night in Antigua before her flight back out of Guatemala City the next day. 

My parents, grandfather, and brother are also coming to visit me over Spring Break. Yes I do count my blessing everyday to have such an amazingly close supportive family. Know how much I love y'all (on a side note people here judge how much I use the word y'all... it's depressing).

Ashley gets here in 25 days... Let the count down begin!!!

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  1. Man.. I feel so special to get a whole headline about my trip. I cannot wait to come visit you and see your life in Guatemala. It will be an amazing week.